hUBSPOT/tHE hUSTLE Explainers


Above is one of two videos completed for Hubspot as content for their recently purchased newsletter "The Hustle". Previously published Hustle articles were tasked with being made into videos. I was provided a script, VO, storyboards, and some brand materials from the last completed video. I then created style frames and an animatic for approval from the team before moving on to the animation and sound design.


From storyboard to style frames. Top priority was maintaining the layered collage aesthetic established. I also wanted to keep in mind depth, layering, and placement of moving textures and scribbles to best highlight and draw the eye. In order to stay within the brand colors I used the Ray Dynamic Color plug-in to hold the color palette and keep it accessible when deciding on font and background colors. I moved between after effects and photoshop to create the styleframes in order to move quickly when animation began.